GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc. established in Chino, California in 2015.  Today, GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc. has grown into a popular and iconic company in the industry.  Our brands include Ameri-Vita®, Vita-Grow    , HealthMED    , Healthy Grow, Ngso ®,  DelLaBon®, Vita-made     , and many others.  In addition to our Los Angeles corporate headquarters, GMP Nutrition Enterprises has manufacturing, packaging, warehouse, distribution and administration facilities in the United States and multiple satellite offices throught out Hong Kong and many major cities in China. 


GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc. committed to consistently producing the highest-quality products and always seeking the highest quality materials available and manufactured into superior quality products offer to the marketplace.


GMP offers 'transparent factory', which is one of the advanced production bases worldwide for dietary supplements with strict quality control.  The transparent factory is open to its clients with its global raw materials traceable and the producing process visible.  


GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc. keeps its focus on innovative research and development of 'new functions, new raw materials, and new technologies'.   It has established the comprehensive and scientific dietary supplement system, including protein, vitamins, mineral substance, natural animal and plant extracts and other functional dietary supplements.  Apart from providing high-quality nutrition supplements, GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc. has enriched the lives of consumers around the world by focusing on solving health problems and improving the quality of life. 



13659 Central Ave,

Chino, CA 91710, USA


Tel: 909-628-6688


Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm 


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